Friday, July 16, 2010

Terror at the Supermarket

Who knew that the supermarket could be such a dangerous place?  I regularly walk to the supermarket, since it isn't that far.  Today, on my trip, I got offered a ride from a very creepy guy, who turned around on the highway to come back to where I was walking, and who then chose to sit in his truck and stare at me.  I made a side trip into another store, hoping to wait out the creepy guy.  When I finally made it into the supermarket, he was waiting for me.  Right by the door.  He then proceeded to follow me around the store, and even went to the same checkout lane that I did, although it was the farthest from where we'd most recently been and not the shortest.  Then stood unusually close to me.  I practically ran out of the store and across the highway.  I even had a plan hatched in case he followed me out.  Miss Tammy and LB at the Grill would play a role as my protectors!  Fortunately, he drove on by and didn't follow me to the Grill or home.  I didn't have to use Plans A, B, or C (all of which were fully formulated in my head by this point).

I would like to thank Officer Zienka of the Kannapolis Police Department, who came to my house, took a report, and was very polite and sympathetic.  Unfortunately, he said that the supermarket customer service manager is not overly helpful and doesn't usually cooperate in any investigation, even into shoplifting.  Officer Zienka also said that "crackwhores" in an adjacent area will accept rides from strangers and that makes all the men offering think that anyone will accept a ride.  I was advised to start driving to the grocery store.  I really didn't need this much excitement in my day.

On a side note, I googled "Kannapolis police Zienka" to make sure I got his name right.  One of my first results was "lesbian zdenka donkeyporn".  At least I got a laugh out of all of it.

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