Thursday, July 1, 2010

That IS a Tasty Burger!

At some point during my magazine-flipping or internet-surfing, I came across a photo of a pimento cheese bacon burger.  It looked heavenly.  I didn't read the accompanying article or recipe.  I just figured I'd make my own with pimento cheese, bacon, and a burger.  So I began planning.

With this recipe in mind, I bought some pimento cheese from Sandra with Harvest Catering.  I've had good pimento cheese and bad pimento cheese.  The supermarket variety is sweet and bright orange.  I'd love to say that it qualifies as bad pimento cheese, but I can't.  I happily eat it.  But Harvest Catering's is very good pimento cheese.  Grated cheddar, cream cheese, and pimentos.  I didn't have any bread, and my ground beef was frozen, so I ate the pimento cheese with crackers.  Until I ran out of crackers.  Then I ate it with my finger.  The point is that I'd eaten all of the pimento cheese by the time the ground beef had thawed, so I didn't get to have my long-desired pimento cheese bacon burger.

I was counting the days until I'd run into Sandra at the farmers market again, and today was the day!  Sandra has two varieties of pimento cheese: mild and jalapeno.  For a change of pace, I opted for the jalapeno.  While I was out, I also picked up some Arnold's Select Whole Wheat Sandwich Thins, which look like really thin English muffins.  I prefer to use English muffins as hamburger buns, so I figured the Sandwich Thins would work just as well. 

Dinner time had finally arrived.  I was using ground beef from Scally's Natural Beef for my burger, with some bacon from my freezer, and Harvest Catering's pimento cheese.  I also added lettuce, pickle, and mayo to make it a traditional burger.  Before final assembly, I toasted the bread.  Just as protection against sogginess.  So how was the burger?  More heavenly than the original photo had led me to imagine!  I almost cried when I finished eating it, because I didn't want the deliciousness to end.  I was even tempted to make another one, but that would just be gluttony.  I think I've discovered my new favorite burger.

Harvest Catering is at the Winecoff School Rd farmers' market on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and at the Kannapolis Research Campus market on Thursdays.  The Scallys are at Winecoff School Rd on Saturdays.

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