Monday, August 16, 2010

Where's Lula?

My recent posting hiatus can be attributed to two separate, but somewhat related, occurrences.  First occurrence: I got a virus on my laptop.  Yes, a virus.  Please don't send me emails and comments asking if I'm really sure it's a virus.  LA verified it for me as well.  I can turn on my laptop and that's about it.  Money being tight, I've had to put off getting it looked at or fixed.  My sole method of posting at this time is by library visit.  I've become a regular.

The second occurrence is directly related to the first.  With my laptop out of commission, I couldn't spend my days surfing the web, watching TV (since I don't have a TV, my laptop plays this role), instant messaging people, what have you.  This gave me a lot of down time, in which I looked around my house and realized just how much I hated my kitchen.  Time to take matters into my own hands.

For one week, my intrepid sidekick LA and I painted the kitchen, including the cabinets.  We disagreed over whether or not spraypainting the cabinets would be a good idea.  Good idea or otherwise, we did it.  Then realized the cabinets were sucking up all the paint.  With our do-rags on, high from the spray paint fumes, we returned to our nearest home improvement store to buy a gallon of paint.  In a can.  They didn't appreciate our singing or our questions, such as "Can you make this white even whiter?" or "What do you have that will get paint off linoleum...and my feet?"  By the time we got through with the cabinets, we were so tired of painting that we said to hell with painting the cabinet doors.  They're still lying on my living room floor.  The beauty of a lack of cabinet doors is that everything is super easy to get to.

LA in a fog of spray paint.  It's a wonder we didn't die.
Once the cabinets were done, it was time to paint the walls.  On LA's advice, I had chosen "Carrot" from the paint strip.  I think "Cheeto" may have been a more appropriate name.  The first coat that went on was ghastly.  What was I thinking to paint my kitchen the color of a Cheeto?  By the time the second coat dried, I was convinced I'd made the right decision.  LA even agreed. 

Was it worth it?  While I still have to scrub the spray paint off the kitchen floor, the rest of the kitchen looks amazing.  It's so happy and welcoming.  I actually want to cook now.  So look forward to hearing more about my culinary adventures, since I will be spending far more time in the kitchen.

The doors will be painted and added at a later date.

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