Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Where's Lula?

I know it's been ages since I last posted.  As I said before, sometimes life just gets in the way.  In my case, it happened in a big way.  Spending the month of November with an unspecified illness, I, and my intrepid sidekick, was unable to visit any restaurants, markets, or points of interest.  Early in December, I visited the doctor and learned that my unspecified illness was actually congestive heart failure, and I've been in the hospital ever since.  I suppose I could write reviews on the food that I've been eating for the past two weeks, but that may be a little boring and redundant: Today's meal was ok, but a little bland. 

Once I am released from the hospital, I will be on my own to follow my new low-fat, low-salt, low-iron diet.  I will be taking you on those adventures, including things I make and how restaurants respond to my dietary restrictions.  It will be a much different direction for me, but I'm sure it will still be interesting.

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